FlicFlac Audio Converter

Tiny Portable Audio Converter for WAV MP3 FLAC OGG APE M4A and AAC


FlicFlac is a portable (no installation required) utility for converting WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG, APE, M4A, and AAC files to any of the other formats (except M4A and AAC that are only supported as input format).

You may drag files onto the FlicFlac interface, or convert files directly from the right click menu in Windows Explorer.

Supported Conversions

  • WAV to FLAC · WAV to MP3 · WAV to OGG · WAV to APE
  • FLAC to WAV · FLAC to MP3 · FLAC to OGG · FLAC to APE
  • MP3 to FLAC · MP3 to WAV · MP3 to MP3 (bitrate change) · MP3 to OGG · MP3 to APE
  • OGG to FLAC · OGG to WAV · OGG to MP3 · OGG to APE
  • APE to FLAC · APE to WAV · APE to MP3 · APE to OGG
  • M4A to FLAC · M4A to WAV · M4A to MP3 · M4A to OGG · M4A to APE
  • AAC to FLAC · AAC to WAV · AAC to MP3 · AAC to OGG · AAC to APE

Related Freeware Utilities

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